Friday, November 20, 2015

YouTube Going Viral

I made a mistake in math this week with the youtube part one. I rushed a lot to put in the views because there was so many people that have viewed them, so there was lots of numbers that were wrong. I doubled checked the numbers so I would know it was right. I learned not to rush so I get everything right. This time the mistake was getting some of the numbers wrong by rushing, I learned to double check and not to rush, I grow by learning a life lesson by double checking my work.  

Dang Desmos

One mistake that I made in math class was I was writing down all of the variables, and what would happen to them, but on the paper they weren't in that exact order. So all of the numbers were all mixed up. Then I realized that they weren't in the exact order so I redid all of the numbers on the chart, and I figured out that all of the variables outputs were right. I made a mistake by mixing the numbers, then I saw that the numbers were mixed up so I learned the right numbers for the variables, then I grow by knowing the right variables for the long now project.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Initials

This week the mistake I made was in graphing I didn't even have the equation for the slope, I just had the variable. I thought you only had to have the variable, I finished all of the coordinates and their equations. All but the vertical lines were left. I learned how to make the equation for the slope. How you do it is you count how many intersections are there until it goes to a ninety degree angle. Then you count across the intersection till you get to the other coordinates for the slope. Then you put on of the numbers from each of the coordinates slopes. Then you put a ruler across the slope then line it up with the y or x axis. The mistake that I made was not knowing that the slope was supposed to be a equation. I learned that there had to be a equation for it and I learned how to make the equation for the slope. I grow because I learned something new; how to make a equation for a slope.  

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tangential Velocity Trouble

This time in math I had a hard time with tangential velocity. For the definition I thought I knew it but Scott said that it was actually the angular velocity formula so I looked up online what the actual tangential velocity formula is and made sure it was right. I learned the actual definition and it was confusing at first but I read it over and over again and I got it. In this the mistake was the wrong definition then I learned by learning the actual definition, then I grow by learning something new.                                                                                 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Paper Clip Madness

Week two and three have flown by. We did a paper clip math problem and I had trouble with it because I didn't know how to measure the bends on each side. Then there was the snake math problem that was confusing, and I made a mistake at first with this problem by having the wrong formula for the snake when it gets bigger. Next I learned form this problem and someone taught me the right formula and showed me how to use it with the problem. I grow from this by learning how to use the formula right.    

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just Learning The Basics

The first week went really well. I made a couple mistakes with the name chart because I didn't know every ones names but after learning every name I remembered them. I learned arabic, which was sort of hard but I learned the letters in my name and I got kind of close to getting it right. The process is the mistake first because I got some names wrong on the seating chart. Next I learned their names and remembered them. The next time the number of people's names I knew grew because I made a mistake and learned from it.